TidyBlog Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes available on the internet.

One of the benefits of using Tidyblogs over just setting up your own WordPress site is you can only choose your theme from the ones we have supplied.

Eh? That’s a good thing?

Yes. Check this link out for some examples of what can go horribly wrong when you pick  a template at random.

So the templates you will find available on the Tidyblog service are ones we have carefully checked out and they are free from “nasties”, and also we have confirmed that they work properly! Malicious intent aside, sometimes they’re just buggy and break your site – or our servers!

Another “plus” point for having a smaller list to choose from, is with the thousands available, you can go boss-eyed trying to choose! We’ve made a shortlist which we hope will have a theme to appeal to everyone.

Can we add more?

We can and we gradually will. But testing and checking them is a time consuming business. If you really must have a particular theme on your site, let us know. We’ll take a look at it… but until we’ve looked we don’t promise to make it available.

Can I upload my own?

Sorry, no. Same reasons. We need to be sure the Themes on our system don’t break it, or misbehave. Anyway, we think Tidyblog is useful to people who just want to create the content, and that those who have the technical know-how to create and upload Themes will probably have their own WordPress system to play with anyway.

What’s available?

You access a complete list of currently available Themes on our system from the dashboard of your site, and you can use the “Preview” option to see what your site will look like with any given theme.¬† Here’s a list of the themes on our site in Feb 2011 – we’ll try to keep it up to date but there may be others by the time you read this!! We’ve also given a list of our cusomter’s sites using each theme so you can see what a “live” site looks like . (So long as the customer hasn’t since chosen a new one! Pls let us know if you see that happen.)

Carrington Blog – this is the theme THIS site uses.

Arclite – used for www.comley.name and Mutton Manglers

Atahualpa – used for www.ballinger.org


Cordobo Green Park 2

Fusion – Used by Jeremy’s photo gallery

Half Baked


K I S (Keep It Simple)

Mystique – use by Gnawing Through the Straps








Sleek Black



Twenty Ten – NOTE this is the default theme for all new WordPress sites at the moment. Used for www.laverrerie.org