Settings – Reading

This is quite important for the over-all look of your site. Earlier we discussed “blog” pages versus static (ordinary) pages. Now you need to choose.

If you are not going to have a “blog” page, you need to choose which of your pages is the “front” page, the one people will see if they arrive at the site by typing the URL. Of cousre, so far you have only one page, so you may wish to re-visit this setting when you’ve created a few more.

If you are going to have a blog posts, you need to choose which page the Blog entries will appear on, and this can be the same a your “front” page or different. (Again, you can’t choose a page util you’ve created it!) So when you’ve decided what your pages are going to be called (see below) then come back to Settings/Reading and choose whch ones to use for home or posts.