Your site currently has a single page called “About”, and it’s the page to which Posts will be sent. We’ve put some basic text on the page and also a sample post so you can see something. In fact, this is all you will see until you add some more pages. (You can delete or rename this page in due course.)

Plan your site. Decide what pages you’re going to have. Decide on your menu structure. By default any new page you create will get an entry on the main site menu, next to the “About” page. Or you can have a heirachical menu, with pages being “children” of other pages. This page, for example, is a “child page” of the main “Getting Started” page.

You can always re-position a page later so don’t worry too much about this now.

You can create “empty” pages so if it helps your planning process, create each page as you go along. You can come back to them later, and add text, pictures, etc.

To create your first page:-

  • Pop the Pages menu, which will bring up on the main screen a list, showing you the one page you have already – About – who created it (it’ll say “admin” but future pages will have your username) and when it was published or last modified.
  • Click “Add New either on the popout menu or at the top of the page.
  • In the top box, which says in grey “Enter Title Here”, enter the page name. This will, be the name of the page, it’s URL, and it’s Menu entry. (You can adjust the URL later).
  • In the Page Attributes on the right you’ll see it’s set to “No Parent” so the page will appear on your main menu.
  • On the right side in the Publish box, click “Publish”.

That’s it. You’ve created a new page, albeit blank so far, added it to the menu, and created a URL for it so you can publish links directly to it!

Create a couple more. Note that if you want a page to be on a “submenu”, all you have to do is first create the “main” page, then when you create the “sub” page, in the Page Attributes box, change “No Parent” to the name of the parent page. You can move pages around, so you can edit an existing page and put it below another, or promote a child page to top menu, by just editing the existing page and changing this box.

By changing the “publish” box options, you can have a page which is created but not yet showing on the site, (Safe Draft), you can choose to have a page which is visible only to users with passwords, and you can also set a date and time at which a page will become visible, by editing the Publish Immediatly option and selecting a time and date for it to appear from the boxes that appear.

Further down the page, you will find a box titled “Discussion”. Here you have two tick-boxes. If you Allow Comments, the page will have a “comment” form at the bottom when it is displayed. (Comments obey the settings you made earlier, so if you took our recommendation, then when someone posts a comment it won’t appear on your website until you approve it.) If you turn this off, the form simply doesn’t appear so readers can’t comment.

So now we can move on to your Page Content.