Like Widgets but more complex, Plugins are a way of adding optional extra features to your site. As with Templates, we have selected a range of useful and tested Plugins, you can use them just by turning them on in this menu.

If you visit this menu you’ll see a list of available Plugins, any in white are “active”, any in grey are not. We suggest you use “Lightbox 2” and “NextGEN Gallerty” if you plan to have pages of photographs on your site – here’s a page showing how that works – and at this time no others.

In particular, please don’t turn on Akismet for now – we have built in a much more powerful anti-spam tool which is on by default and we think you’ll find it is sufficient! (More about this when we deal with Posts and Comments.)

If you turn on NExtGEN Gallery, you will see a new main menu item “Gallery” at the bottom.

That’s enough about the occasional bits, let’s move back to something you’ll need most of the time – Pages.